About Red Orchid Music Company

Red Orchid Music Company offers high-quality recordings across many genres of acoustic and electronic music.

The label is essentially defined by the musical tastes of the founders, Gwydion Stone and Charles Roland Berry, with the intention of expanding the reach of the performers and the repertoire beyond the narrow definitions of Classical, Jazz, or World Music.   All good music is World Music.

Our first CD, Absinthe Sonatas, captures the mood of the Belle Époque with
original works composed in by Charles Roland Berry for solo guitar. 

Future albums will include works for the Chinese erhu, as a solo instrument in combination guitar and string quartet, electronic cello, oboe, 21st century chamber music for harpsichord with oud and viola, and renaissance recorders with electric guitar. The dumbek or tabla, and the Armenian wind instrument, the duduk, will also be featured on future CDs.

The above is a sampling of the variety of sounds we wish to offer with world-class performers on each instrument.   Our intention is to provide accessible and heartfelt music with high artistry, and offer new definitions for popular instrumental music in the 21st century.


Thursday, 24. April 2014

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